Abdul Edhi Biography

Abdul Idi Biography¬†Abdul Seattle was the famous humanist of Idi Pakistan and president of the Idi Foundation. The Idi Foundation is working in Pakistan and other countries of the world. His wife, Begum Bilkis Idi, is the president of the Bilkis Idi Foundation. The Raman Magsaysay Award of 1919 was jointly awarded to husband and wife for social service. He has also received the Lenin Peace Prize and the Beljan Award. According to the Guinness World Record, the Idi Foundation has the world’s largest private ambulance service.

Abdul seventy idi biography
Abdul Seventy Idi Biography

Maulana Edhi was born in 1926 in the city of Banatwa in the state of Gujarat, India. His father was a cloth merchant. He was a born leader and, from the beginning, used to hustle over the small work and games of his friends. When his mother used to give him two paise while going to school, he would spend one of them and give one paisa to another needy.

After the partition of India in 1947, his family came to Pakistan from India and settled in Karachi. In 1951 you bought a small shop from your accumulated capital, and in the same shop, you opened a small dispensary with the help of a doctor.

Abdul Sattar Edi adopted simplicity in mind, speech, and deeds throughout his life. He wears blue clothes and Jinnah hats. During the last sixty years, he has made his centers all over the country. They run orphanages, homes for the mentally ill, rehabilitation centers for drug addicts, hundreds of ambulances. They have also built hostels for abandoned women, children, and the sick. They served food to the poor and after burial also used to bury them. They are full of kindness.

About Abdul Idi

a Gujarati Muslim Idi was born in 1928 in Batwa, Junagadh. He reached Karachi after the Partition riots and made the city his home. His family belongs to the Islamic community of lambs, and he started working in one of its charitable branches. But after some time, they came to know that this organization of lambs only works for lambs, they opposed it. He broke away from the organization and built a cement bench outside his house to sleep on his own so that he would not be disappointed if someone came to ask for help at night.

Charity Work

Idi resolved to dedicate his life to help the poor, and in the next sixty years, he single-handedly changed the face of welfare in Pakistan. Edhi founded the Edhi Foundation. Besides, he established a welfare trust called Edhi Trust with an initial amount of five thousand rupees; this trust was later renamed as Bilkis Edhi Trust. Abdul Idi Biography

Considered as a guardian for the poor, Idi began receiving numerous donations, allowing him to expand his services. To this day, the Idi Foundation is growing in both size and service and is currently the largest welfare organization in Pakistan. Since its inception, the Edhi Foundation has rescued over 20,000 abandoned infants, rehabilitated more than 50,000 orphans, and trained over 40,000 nurses.

It runs more than 330 welfare centers in rural and urban Pakistan that serve as food kitchens, rehabilitation homes, shelters for abandoned women and children, and clinics for the mentally challenged.

The Edhi Foundation, founded by Edhi, runs the world’s largest volunteer ambulance service (operating 1,500 of them) and provides 24-hour emergency services. It offers free nursing homes, orphans, clinics for drug and mentally ill persons. Abdul Idi Biography

It also operates women’s shelters and rehab centers. It has carried out relief operations in Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus region, Eastern Europe, and the United States, where it provided support in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina.

Formation of IDI Foundation

Majruh Sultanpuri is one of the most famous lions, ‘I went alone, Janib-e-Manzil, but people came and became caravans.’¬†Abdul Idi Biography

This lion fits right on Abdul Saheb for sixteen years. When he fought his society and opened a dispensary in a small place, he probably did not even know that one day his dispensary would make its name among the most significant public welfare organizations in the world.

Influenced by his noble intentions, doctors treated the people free of cost, medical college students started coming to his aid, he started getting help from the people, and on seeing this, the organization started by Abdul Saheb was identified as ‘Idi Foundation’ Got it. Abdul Idi Biography

Biography of Abdul Idi

In fact, this public welfare organization of Abdul Saheb expanded when in 1957, he collected donations from people and arranged for tents, free medical, and medicines for the epidemic in Karachi. All those people who were treated by the Idi Foundation, their prayers made it reach the peak of success. Gradually, the Idi Foundation also started doing noble work, such as transporting the injured people from the road to their ambulances to the hospital, burying the dead, supporting the orphans and supporting the poor destitute.

Abdul Saheb, who at one time bought an old van ambulance with the money raised on the road, set up 1500 ambulances till his last breath, which still holds the record of the world’s largest ambulance service.

Honors & Awards

  1.  In the 1969 Idi Foundation, Guinness Book.
  2. 1988 Lenin Peace Prize.
  3. 1986 Raman Magsaysay Award.
  4. 1992 Paul Harris Fellow Rotary International Foundation.
  5. 2000 International International Balzan Prize.
  6. 26 March 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award.


Maulana Edhi died on 8 July 2016 Karachi, Pakistan.

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