Abraham Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln Biography
Abraham Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln Biography

Name: Abraham Thomas Lincoln

Born: 12 February 1809 Kentucky (United States)

Father: Thomas Lincoln.

Mother: Nancy

Marriage: with Mary Tod (in 1842)

Death: 15 April 1865.

        Abraham Lincoln (12 February 1809 – 15 April 185) was the sixteenth President of the United States. His tenure was from 171 to 185. He was from the Republican Party. He overcame America with its biggest crisis – the American Civil War. Lincoln owes the end of slavery in America. Abraham Lincoln was born into a poor black family. He was the first Republican to become the President of the United States. Prior to that, he was a lawyer, a legislator of the State of Illinois (Legislator), a member of the US House of Representatives. He also failed in the Senate elections twice.

        He failed in business in the 31st year. In the 32nd year, he lost the election of the state legislator, in the 33rd year he tried a new business, and then failed. In the 35th year, his fiancé died. In the 36th year, he got nervous break-down. In the 43rd year, he contested for the Congress but lost, in the 48th year he again lost to Koshis. In the 55th year he contested for the Senate, but the following year he contested for the Vice President but lost. In the 59th year, he again contested the Senate election but lost. In 1860, the man who used to sign A. Lincoln became the 16th President of America.

Early life:

        Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in a wooden house in Hardin County, Kentucky. His father’s name was Thomas Lincoln and mother’s name was Nancy Lincoln. His descendants came from England and later settled in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Abraham Lincoln Lincoln’s great-grandfather was named Captain Abraham Lincoln, who emigrated from Virginia to Kentucky in 1780. Captain Lincoln was assassinated by an Indian hunter-gatherer in 1786. Now Captain Lincoln’s son Thomas also saw his father’s attack with eyes. Now the orphan Thomas made his own way and started working for his life by working in different places.

        Abraham Lincoln did not like to work hard since childhood, due to which his family and neighbours used to call him lazy. He used to spend most of his time writing books and writing poems. His early education was from nomadic teachers rather than any school, who taught Lincoln a lot in a short period of time. Now when he grew up, Lincoln had the idea of ​​fighting against the orthodox practices. Now slowly he started working to help the family and Abraham was an expert in running the axe. Lincoln hated the atrocities on slaves from the beginning and wanted to abolish slavery.

Abraham Lincoln Biography
Abraham Lincoln Biography
Abraham Lincoln

        In return, they used to get very low fees. A pension agent was asking for $ 200 in fees to a widow of a martyred soldier for $ 400 of her pension. Lincoln not only pleaded for the woman for free, but also arranged for the cost of staying in her hotel and a return ticket.

        The country was experiencing problems with the practice of slavery, the whites owned large farms in the southern states, and they used to call black people from Africa to work in their fields and were kept as slaves. The people of the states were against this practice of slavery and wanted to end it. The Constitution of America is based on equality of man. So that there was no place for slavery in the country, in this difficult time, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States in 1860.

        He wanted to solve the problem of slavery. The people of the southern states were against the abolition of slavery. This may threaten the unity of the country. The southern state was preparing to build a new country but. Abraham Lincoln wanted all the states to unite.

Abraham Lincoln Biography

        Abraham Lincoln faced many problems. He wanted to protect the unity of the country at any cost. Finally a civil war broke out between the northern and southern states. He fought the war bravely and declared, “A nation cannot remain half slave and half slave” (“A Nation cannot exist half free and half slave.”). He won the war and the country remained united.

Lincoln was opposed to slavery from the beginning, for this he also had to fight for his whole life. At the same time, he fell in love with a young woman named Ratledge, but she died before marriage, and the links were very shocked. Lincoln spent his remaining time getting information about the law and after some time he started advocating in the presence of a person, but it could not last much longer.

        In 1842, he was married to a girl from a big house, Mary Tod, the views of the two were not found among themselves. In the meantime, they applied for the post of President. But due to their opposition to slavery, they had to endure opposition from many provinces. On March 4, 1861, Lincoln took the position of President. Due to Lincoln’s antagonism of slavery, the fire of protest increased. And war broke out in America. Which Lincoln won in 6 years by working very hard.

Abraham Lincoln Biography

        States supporting slavery and circulating in 1840. Such a clear division was taking place in America. According to Kanyasnesbraska law, the people of these states were going to get the freedom to keep slaves. Because of this, Abraham Lincoln was blown away. He gave speeches against this Kanun from Bahot. In the meantime, Lincoln felt his own power and after that Lincoln never looked back in politics.

        The election of the President of the country held in 1860 was important in this context. In February 1861, Abraham Lincoln, he announced the exit of the Union of eleven states to accept the position of head of state. On February 8, 1861, the State of Alabama declared that the Confederate States of America would come into existence. These events created a challenge ahead of newly elected heads of state like Lincoln.

        Lincoln destroyed slavery by a spade on January 1, 1863, and two years later, on January 31, 1865, the order was put to an end, with the Teravi incident being fixed. Abraham was bowing to the Lincoln of war, and his time was over in 1864. Was gonna He decided to contest elections again and he came easily on 8 November 1865. By then, Yadav Jung had reached the last mode.


        On March 4, 1864, Lincoln was re-elected President of the United States. A month later, on 18 April, an event was organized to commemorate the victory over the civil war. He died on 15 April 1865. There the Engineers fraudulently shot Lincoln and Lincoln died. After this, he experienced the greatness of Lincoln and how an unreadable person became the most successful President of America on the strength of his talent.

idea :

• Whatever you are, be noble.

• If once you break the trust of your citizens (public), you will never be able to regain their respect and respect.

• Make sure that your feet are in the right place, then stand up straight.

If you want peace, avoid being popular.

• Ordinary-looking people are the best people in the world: This is the reason that God creates many such people.

• Always keep in mind that your resolve to succeed is more important than any other resolution.

• You give me 6 hours to cut a tree and I will spend the first 4 hours in sharpening my ax.

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