George Orwell Biography

George Orwell Biography
George Orwell Biography

 George Orwell (English: George Orwell, original name Eric Artur Blair, Eric Arthur Blair; 25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950) – English writer and publicist. The special thing about George Orwell (1903–1950) is that he was born in India in a place called Motihari in Bihar. His father was an officer of the Indian Civil Service of the British Raj. Orwell’s original name was ‘Eric Arthur Blair’. A year after his birth, his mother moved him to England, where his father also left after retirement. He was educated there. George Orwell Biography

Eric Arthur Blair George Orwell’s real name was he was born in India in 1903, but spent a good part of his childhood uplifting and educated in England. He returned to Asia at the age of 21 and became a policeman in Burma, inspired by his two famous works Burmese Days and “Shooting an Elephant”.

George Orwell Biography

Blair was very political, and fiercely believed that democratic socialism was the way of the future. He fought in Spain’s civil war because he wanted to defeat fascism. He was wounded in battle, which set him aside for World War II. He worked for the BBC, where he developed an aversion to the heads of government to spread propaganda outside India to counter anti-imperialist Nazi propaganda.

Blair is best known for his novel Animal Farm, published in 1945 and his novel 1984, published in 1949. The animal farm is a political metaphor of the events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917, as Stalin gained Soviet power. They depict Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky as pigs, who try to employ the ideals of Karl Marx’s communists to their farm friends, who they emigrate from and call the animal farm. Napoleon (Stalin) soon overthrows Snowball (Trotsky) and makes him a scapegoat, which he uses easily to maintain his power. 1984 Allowing the government to have more control over the minds and lives of citizens There is a serious warning about the dangers of giving.

Police work in Burma

Blair lived in Moulmein, his homeland, so he opted for a posting in Burma. In October 1922 he set sail on the SS Herefordshire via the SAS Canal and Ceylon to join the Indian Imperial Police in Burma. A month later, he arrived in Rangoon and went to a police training school in Mandalay. After a short posting at Burma’s major hill station Memyo, he was posted to the border outpost of Mayangma in the Irrabdi Delta in early 1924.

George Orwell working nature

Working as a royal policeman gave him considerable responsibility, while most of his contemporaries were still in university in England. When he was stationed in Tante as a subdivisional officer from the Delta to the east, he was responsible for the safety of 200,000 people. In late 1924, he was promoted to assistant district superintendent and posted to the cerium, which was close to Rangoon. The Burma Oil Company’s refinery in Syriam was “barren wasteland in the surrounding area, all vegetation killed by the smoke of sulfur dioxide from the piles of the refinery day and night.” But the city was adjacent to Rangun, a metropolitan port, and Blair went frequently to the city to “browse in a bookstore, eat well-cooked food, get away from the boring routine of police life”.

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