Helen Adams Keller Biography

Helen Adams Keller Biography
Helen Adams Keller Biography

Helen Keller (27 June 1880 – 1 June 1968) was an American writer, political activist and scholar. She was the first deaf and blind to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Helen rose to the heights of activism and success with 49 years starting at the age of 6 under the training of Anne Sullivan. The miraculous story of Anne and Helen attracted many filmmakers. In Hindi in 2005, Sanjay Leela Bhansali made a black film, making a slight change based on this plot. Helen Adams Keller Biography

Helen Keller Biography

She died of illness only a few months after birth, and in that illness, her eyesight, tongue and hearing power went away. But his parents decided to teach him and started looking for teachers and Annie Sullivan from Nassib, this teacher, Helen Keller gave them education. Helen Keller first started reading letters in the form of ‘manual alphabet’. Helen started reading Braille.

But this was not his desire. He wished to study with the rest of the normal children. Because of that, he enrolled in university for higher studies. Not seeing the Diagram above the board, not having all the books in Braille script, she continued her studies by overcoming such difficulties and she graduated.

About Helen adams Keller biography in short

Heal Keller has always been experimenting and trying so that he could not come before the rest of the graduates who had come upon themselves after assimilating the fast of social service. Through writing and speech, he always tried to awaken public opinion for the questions of the blind. Helen Keller thought that children with disabilities should be educated and not kept dependent on others. How much skill is there in the finger of the hand, they should be recognized?

In May 14, Helen joined the Perkins Institute for the Blind. She moved to New York with her assistant Anne Sullivan to attend the Wright-Humesan silent school and learn from Sarah Fuller of Horace Mann Bildarth School in 1897. In 1797, she returned to Massachusetts. There Keller attended Cambridge School for Young Lady and then in 1900 at Radcliffe College, where she lived in Briggs Hall, South House. At the age of 24, she became the first deaf-blind to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1908. His correspondence continued with the Austrian philosopher and scholar Wilhelm Jerusalem who first recognized Helen’s literary talent.

Heal Keller Autobiography

Committed to making traditional communication with others possible, Helen learned to communicate and later spent much of her life in speeches and lectures. Learning the skill to understand the words of people by touching their lips was a testament to their amazing tactile ability. Keller had also mastered understanding sign language with the touch of braille and hands.

Helen Keller learned Braille for six years. Now she was an intelligent woman whose importance was infinite. Helen learned sign language at the Wright-Humsan School for Deep in New York and then graduated from Radcliffe College in 1904. Then Helen wrote a book, “The Story of My Life”, so popular that she bought a house out of her income. She was a religious woman, she also raised her voice for equal rights for women. He traveled all over the country and told his story to the people so that he too could get inspiration to fight with misery. He died in 1968, but even today he is the inspiration of so many people. After his death many plays and films have been made on his life.

Heal Keller as a writer

Helen Keller Helen wrote several books in Braille script. Many were also translated. Helen said that “God closes one door and opens the other, but we keep staring at that closed door and we don’t even notice the other open door”. Helen’s works proved that the disability of the body cannot be an obstacle in her reading, writing, speaking and playing. Due to laziness and despair, no child is able to move forward. Every child can achieve success in life with dedication, hard work and courage.

On 1 June 1968 Helen Helen Keller left the world. He earned a name in this world by his works. He supported the handicapped, raising hope and confidence in him. The whole world still remembers him. Helen was once asked “what could be worse than being blind”, then she said “aimless is worse than being blind if you don’t know the goal, then you can’t do anything”. Helen Keller Helen said “Courage is life otherwise nothing”

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