Mahendra Singh Dhoni Biography

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s life introduction, cricket career and personal life. Mahendra Singh Dhoni Biography

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Biography
Mahendra Singh Dhoni Biography

Although many sports are played in India, cricket is more preferred than other sports. Many great cricket players in India have taken birth and brought Indian cricket to great heights. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of those great players. He is also known as MS Dhoni. Let’s know his complete biography.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Birth and early life

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was born on 7 July 1981 in Ranchi, Jharkhand (then Bihar). Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s father’s name is Pan Singh Dhoni and his mother’s name is Devaki Dhoni. M / s. Dhoni also has an elder brother and a sister. Dhoni’s brother’s name is Narendra Singh Dhoni and sister’s name is Jayanthi. Dhoni was from a middle-class family. He completed his early education from Jawahar Vidya Mandir School, Ranchi. Dhoni’s father used to work in a steel making company. Mahendra Singh Dhoni Biography

Dhoni loved football rather than cricket since childhood, but his coach Thakur Digvijay Singh inspired him to play cricket. Dhoni used to play as a goalkeeper in the football team. Seeing this, the coach asked him to play as a wicket-keeper in cricket. Dhoni started playing cricket with the consent of his parents. In 2001-2003, Dhoni played for the Commando Cricket Club for the first time and everyone appreciated his wicket-keeping there. In 2003, Dhoni also worked as a train ticket checker at Kharakpur railway station.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Professional Career

Dhoni started his professional cricket career with the Bihar Under-19 team in 1998. In 1999–2000, Dhoni made his debut in the Bihar Ranji team. National team selection Samiti received her attention due to her performance in the Deodhar Trophy, Duleep Trophy and the Kenya Tour in India “A”.

At a team selection committee meeting in 2004, Sourav Ganguly was asked about who would make the wicket-keeper in the team, when Sourav Ganguly said that “I will make MS Dhoni the wicket-keeper”. Dhoni made his international debut against Bangladesh in Chittagong in 2004. Since then, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has traveled a long way in cricket.

In his career, Dhoni scored 4876 runs in 90 Tests. His biggest innings in the Test came against Australia in Chennai. In this innings, Dhoni scored 224 runs. In the test, Dhoni has made 256 catches and 35 stumpings behind the stumps.

In the One-Day International, Dhoni scored 8620 runs in 265 matches. Dhoni played his career-best one-day innings against Sri Lanka at Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur in 2005, in which Dhoni scored 183 runs. Dhoni took 246 catches and 85 stumping while keeping wicket in One Day.

Dhoni also holds the record for the fastest stumping in international cricket, he stumped Mitchell Marsh in 0.76 seconds. Dhoni is famous in the world for his batting, keeping and finishing. He did every ICC for India Won trophy, 2007 T20 World Cup, 2011 One-Day World Cup, 2013 Champions Trophy.

About MS Dhoni

Dhoni has hit 10 sixes in one ODI innings, his innings comes in sixth place in terms of maximum sixes.

Dhoni, Adam Gilchrist’s record as the wicket-keeper by scoring 183 runs in one-day broke the record for most runs.

Dhoni’s name is also the record of most hunting behind the wicket by an Indian wicket-keeper.

Under Dhoni’s captaincy, India reached its highest score of 726.

Dhoni is the only captain who hit a century while batting at seventh position in ODIs.

Dhoni is India’s first wicket-keeper who crossed the 4000-run mark in Tests. Dhoni has captained the most matches by combining all three formats of international cricket.

Under Dhoni’s captaincy, India has won 110 out of 199 ODIs, the T20 has won 41 out of 72 and the Indian team has won 27 out of 60 Tests.

Dhoni has won the most finals of the tournament as a captain. Dhoni currently has 43 rankings in T20 and 14 in ODIs.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Personal Life

Dhoni has many friends in his personal life who are his childhood friends. Only one of his friends taught him to play helicopter shots. Dhoni fell in love with a girl named Priyanka after her international debut. After some time, Priyanka died in a car accident.

In the film MS Dhoni it is told that Dhoni and Sakshi met in a hotel. Actually this is not true. The truth is that both Dhoni’s father and Sakshi’s father worked in the same company. Surprisingly, Sakshi and Dhoni are also studying in the same school but at the time when Dhoni had left school, Sakshi had enrolled in the school. Due to which Dhoni could not meet Sakshi in school. After some time Sakshi’s family left Ranchi and moved to Dehradun. Sakshi’s grandparents already lived in Dehradun.

When Dhoni’s selection took place in Team India. At that time, in November-December 2007, the team was playing against Pakistan in Kolkata. Dhoni met in Kolkata only. At that time, the Indian team was staying in a hotel where Sakshi met Dhoni. The battle victory that exposed Sakshi to Dhoni was the manager of the Dutta Hotel. The day that Dhoni and Sakshi met was the last day of Sakshi’s hotel internship, when Sakshi left the hotel, Dhoni took the witness’s message from the manager and messaged them. The witness felt that someone was joking with him. When he came to know that it is really Dhoni and he has become the captain of the Indian team, then he could not trust himself that Dhoni messaged him.

After admitting Sakshi for 2-3 months, both Dhoni and Sakshi started dating each other in the year 2010. Dhoni has a daughter Zeeva who is 4 years old

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