Prince Andrew Biography

Prince Andrew Biography, , the sibling of Prince Charles, is the Duke of York and eighth in line to the British royal position.

Prince Andrew Biography
Prince Andrew Biography

Who Is Prince Andrew?

Prince Andrew, Duke of York was born in 1960 at Buckingham Palace, to Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. He joined the Royal Navy in 1979 and in this manner turned into a helicopter pilot, filling in all things considered for a long time.

In 1986 he wedded Sarah Ferguson in a tornado of media consideration, yet in 1996, the couple separated in the midst of further media consideration. He has served England in different limits, most as of late as an exceptional agent for worldwide exchange and venture.

Prince Andrew Biography in short

Prince (Andrew Albert Christian Edward, in full) was born on February 19, 1960, at Buckingham Palace, in London. The primary kid destined to a sitting ruler in 103 years, his mom was Queen Elizabeth II and his dad was Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Youthful Andrew was instructed by a tutor at Buckingham Palace until he was eight years of age, and afterward, he was sent to Heatherdown Preparatory School, in Ascot. At the point when he was 13, Prince Andrew proceeded onward to the Gordonstoun School in Morayshire, Scotland, where his dad and more established sibling, Prince Charles, went before him.

The year 1977 discovered Prince Andrew at Lakefield College School in Ontario, Canada, and in 1979, he went to the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth — a way that prompted joining the Royal Navy as an official and preparing to turn into a pilot.

About Prince Andrew

At the point when Argentina attacked the Falkland Islands, a British domain, in 1982, the ship on which Prince Andrew was positioned, the HMS Invincible, was to be sent to retake the island. All through the contention, he flew on different missions and assisted with loss departure, move and look and-salvage tasks. In the wake of finishing his first cutting edge visit, Prince Andrew was elevated to lieutenant in February 1984, and the sovereign delegated him as an individual confidant.

Sarah Ferguson

In July 1986, Prince Andrew wedded Sarah Ferguson, whom he had known since youth — Princess Diana, a long-term companion, was accounted for to have energized the blending — and once they were hitched, the sovereign named the love birds the duke and duchess of York. The wedding and resulting marriage were directed in the midst of a media furor, which to some degree added to the pair’s inevitable partition in 1992, just as their separation four years after the fact.


They had two youngsters together, Beatrice Elizabeth Mary (born on August 8, 1988) and Eugenie Victoria Helena (born on March 23, 1990).

Posts and Patronages

Prince Andrew officially left the Royal Navy toward the finish of July 2001. After four years, in July 2005, he was elevated to privileged chief. He holds a few posts in the British armed force, naval force, aviation based armed forces and Commonwealth powers, and is the UK’s exceptional delegate for universal exchange and speculation.

Likewise engaged with various associations, Prince Andrew has filled in as supporter of Fight for Sight, the British Deaf Association, the Children’s Foundation, the British Science Association and the Outward Bound Trust.

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