Stephen Hawking Biography

Stephen Hawking Biography
Stephen Hawking Biography

        “I want to live more now” is the statement of none other than Stephen Hawking, one of the world’s greatest scientists. What he said on his last birthday, which the world was astonished to hear. Today, he has been awarded 12 awards, big or small in physics. All about Stephen Hawking Biography

But even today, he is living his life on the strength of his will and his blessing is that he should continue to live like this and keep us informed about new discoveries.

Early Life

        Stephen Hawking was born on January 6, 1942, to the home of Frank and Isabel Hawking. Despite family financial constraints, both parents were educated at Oxford University where Frank studied medicine and Isabel studied philosophy, politics and economics. The two met soon after the start of World War II at a medical research institute where Isabel was working as a secretary and Frank as a medical researcher. The financial condition of his family was not good. The time of World War II was quite challenging to earn a living and his family moved to Oxford in search of a safe place.

        Stephen Hawking is such a great cosmologist today, his school life was not very excellent. He was initially a student with below average marks in his class, but he loved playing board games. He was very interested in mathematics, even he made computers from parts of old electronic devices with the help of some people to solve mathematical equations. At the age of eleven, went to school and then to University College, Oxford. Stephen wanted to study mathematics but mathematics was not available at University College, so he pursued physics.

        Stephen Hawking was a brilliant student, so always topped school and college. Within three years, he received a first-class honors degree in natural science. Which was nothing short of a dream for his father. Stephen Hawking, who considers mathematics a favorite subject, grew up with a particular interest in space science. This was the reason that when he was just 20 years old, Cambridge was selected for research in cosmology. Nobody was working in cosmology at Oxford, he decided to research it and went straight to Cambridge. There he did research in cosmology.

About Stephen Hawking

        In this subject, he has given a Ph.D. Also. His Ph.D. After doing so, Johnville and Cuse became first Richter Fellows of the College and then a Professional Fellow. This was a great achievement for him. But Hawking did what he wanted. Hawking, who believes in a joint family, still lives with his three children and a grandson. The quality of a Great Scientist was visible inside Stephen since childhood. Actually, there was intense curiosity about the construction and functioning of anything. This was the reason that when he was in school, all his classmates and teachers used to fondly call him ‘Einstein’.

        When he was 21 years old, he had once come to his house to celebrate a holiday, he was coming down the ladder when he realized that he was unconscious and he immediately fell down. He will be taken to the doctor. In all, he considered her to be an incident due to just one weakness, but on the repeated occurrence of this, he was taken to the elder doctor, where it was found out that he is suffering from an unknown and never-ending disease. Could name neuron mortar Disis.

        In this disease, all the organs of the body gradually stop working, and in the end, the patient dies due to suffocation due to the closure of the respiratory tract. Doctors said Hawking is a guest of just 2 years. But Hawking had a complete hold on his will power and he said that I will live for 50 years not 2, not 20. At that time, everyone had mixed yes to comfort them, but today the world knows that Hawking showed what he said.

Biography of Stephen Hawking

        In the midst of his illness, he completed his Ph.D. and married his girlfriend, Jane Wilde, by then, Hawking had lost his entire right side, walking on the stick. Now Hawking started the journey of his scientific life and slowly his fame started spreading throughout the world.

        Stephen Hawking met Jane Wilde in January 1965 during the New Year celebrations. Jane Wilde liked Stephen Hawking because Jane liked his pleasant nature. On returning from the hospital, when Stephen Hawking’s condition became miserable, Jane did not leave him. Jane now had the same goal of spending her life caring for Stephen Hawking. Slowly Dheer fell in love and they got married.

Well since 1960, Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking’s condition began to deteriorate and it was almost impossible to walk with crutches. In a few months, his disease progressed and gradually all his organs started to stabilize. Despite suffering from the disease, he did not take any help and kept his daily work constant. After he got his doctorate in 1974, he started working on the theory of objectivity and the theory of mass. In this way, by combining these two principles, he made the theory of Mahayekita. With this theory, he got his name worldwide and he came to be known as an eminent scientist.

Stephen Hawking Biography
Stephen Hawking

Physicist Stephen Hawking

        Stephen Hawking is an honorary member of the Royal Society of Arts, as well as a lifetime member of the Episcopal Academy of Sciences. Along with this, he was also given the President’s Medal of Freedom, which is the highest award in the United States. From 1979 to 2009 he was Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge and soon became a commercial success due to his theory. The book A Brief History of Time written by him became the highest selling book of that time, at that time the book lasted for a record 237 weeks.

        Famous British physicist Stephen Hawking has warned about the announcement of our presence in any Alien civilization, especially a civilization that is technically more advanced than humans. Hawking said in a new online film that our state of contact with any more advanced civilization might be similar to when Native Americans first saw Christopher Columbus and things did not go very well. In ‘Stephen Hawkings Favorite Places’ people can see five important places of the universe. In the film, Hawking hypothetically passes through the Glies 832C. These are non-Sauri planets located at a distance of about 16 light years, where life could potentially take place.


        They say if you are handicapped or handicapped, then there is no fault in you, and at the same time, it is not right to blame the world or expect mercy on you. Just have positive thoughts in you and according to the situation you should contribute as much as possible; If a person is crippled then he should not be crippled or handicapped by his mind. I think they should concentrate on activities that do not present a more serious obstacle for a person with a physical disability. I am afraid that the Olympic Games for the disabled will not appeal to me, but it would be easy for me to say because I do not like athletics.

        On the other hand, science is a very good subject because it is a game of mind. This is absolutely true, because many people have reduced their lot from many inventions, but theoretical work is almost ideal. My disability has not given any hindrance in my field of work which is theoretical physics. Rather it has helped me to preserve my speech and administrative work. I was able to handle all of this, thanks to a lot of help from my wife, children, colleagues, and students. I noticed that people are always ready to help, but you should encourage them to feel that their efforts will prove to be just and appropriate.

Amazing idea

  • Look up at the stars above, not under your feet. Try to know the meaning of what you see and wonder what is there that exists in the universe. Be curious
  • No matter how difficult life is, you can always do something and be successful.
  • I have seen even those people who say that everything is pre-decided, and we can do nothing to change it, they also see before crossing the road.
  • Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
  • Science is not only a follower of logic but also of romance and passion.
  • If you always get angry or complain then people will not have time for you.
  • My advice to other people with disabilities would be to pay attention to the things that do not stop your disability from doing well and do not feel sorry for the things it hinders you from doing. Do not become handicapped by both soul and body.
  • The past is as uncertain as to the future and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.
  • We are in danger of destroying ourselves due to our greed and stupidity. We cannot continue to look inward at this small, rapidly polluting, and crowded planet.

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