Usain Bolt Biography

Usain Bolt Biography, Saint Leo Usain Bolt was born on 21 August 1986 in Jamaica and is a Jamaican runner and three-time Olympic gold medalist. Usain Bolt is the world record holder of the 4x100m relay race with 100m and 200m and his teammates. He holds the Olympic record for all these three races.

Usain Bolt Biography
Usain Bolt Biography

His eyes were opened at the age of 14, after Carl Lewis in 1984, at the age of 14 at the 2008 Bolt Summer in West Jamaica. Usain Bolt summit’s climb started when he won the medal by participating in the school events and after that, he started participating in the long jump and in the long jump he has also won the bronze medal for his school.

Bolt continued to win a lot of medals in the long jump after being consistently ahead of his teammates and is said to have played the role of a fast bowler while playing cricket. Since 2001, Bolt was determined to make his name a world record in the race, and in 2002 he won the 200 meters race in 20.3 seconds at the Western Champs final held at Catherine Hall. He then went on to win the 200/400 meter doubles at the CARIFTA Trials before winning four gold medals at games in the Bahamas and Nassau.

In 2004, he broke the world junior record by completing the 200 meters in 19.93 seconds at the CARIFTA Games in Hamilton, Bermuda. But after this, Bolt’s speed of running was reduced due to knee injury. Nevertheless, he participated in the 2005 IAAF World T&F Championship in Finland, due to the cold weather and injury he could not perform well there.

Bolt’s career

The 2002 World Junior Championships gave Bolt a chance to prove himself on the world stage to domestic fans in Kingston, Jamaica. At the age of 15, he had become very tall, 1.96 meters (6 feet 5 inches) and physically looked older than his peers. His new personal best was the 200-meter event win in 20.61 seconds. As a member of the Jamaican relay sprint team, Bolt won two silver medals and set a new junior national record with a time of 39.15 seconds and 3: 04.06 respectively in the 4 × 100 meters and 4 × 400-meter relay races. Bolt’s victory in the 200-meter event made him the youngest ever world junior gold medalist.

The series of medals continued unabated and he won another gold medal at the 2003 Youth World Championships. And set a new championship record by winning the 200-meter event despite a headwind speed of 1.1 minutes / second with a time of 20.40 seconds. The 200m world record holder Michael Johnson’s bolt ability was looked at, but this young runner might come under more pressure, expressing concern that “it depends on how he is doing in three, four and five years.” Perform. “. Bolt was also influenced by earlier traditions of athletics and received the IIAF Rising Star Award for 2002. After this, the winning streak of Bolt continued.

Starting competitions

Taking part in Jamaica in the first Caribbean regional competition, Bolt performed a personal best in the 400m category at the 2001 CARIFTA Games with a time of 48.28 seconds and won a silver medal. In the 200 meters too, Bolt won the silver medal with a time of 21.81 seconds. He made his first appearance on the world stage at the 2001 IAAF World Youth Championships in Debrecen, Hungary. He failed to qualify for the finals in the 200-meter competition but still finished the new personal best with a time of 21.73 seconds. Usain Bolt Biography

Bolt had not yet taken athletics or himself seriously. However, he is believed to have touched his new heights by hiding behind a van when he was getting ready for the 200m final in the CARIFTA test. The police detained him for this practical joke, but the locals made a lot of noise about it and blamed coach McNeil for the incident. However, the controversy subsided and both McNeil and Bolt joined the CARIFTA game where Bolt set the championship record in the 200 and 400-meter events with a time of 21.12 and 47.33 seconds respectively. In the Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships, he continued to record the race at 20.61 and 47.12 seconds.

Usain Bolt’s success stories

Usain Bolt found success in the midst of the 2002 domestic supporters. Bolt became the winner of winning the title of World Junior Champion at an early age. Bolt won a gold medal at the 2003 Youth World Championships. Completed 200 meters in 20.40 seconds. Meanwhile, Bolt was becoming very popular in his country. In the 2003 season, due to equalization in junior events, he got I.I.A. F. Rising Star Award. Usain Bolt Biography

Usain Bolt is a professional athletics

In 2004 Usain Bolt became a professional athletics player. Bolt completed the 200 meters race in Bermuda Games in 20 seconds. Bolt then competed in the 2004 Athens Olympics and set a new record for his team. He did not play Bolt at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in 2004 as he withdrew his name due to poor health.

Usain Bolt’s World Records

In 2008, Bolt set a world record in 100 meters. Bolt completed 100 meters in 9.69 seconds. Bolt competed in the Beijing Summer Olympics in 100, 200 meters. Bolt finished the quarterfinals and semifinals in 9.92 and 9.85 seconds by making it to the finals. However, in the final, he completed the 200-meter race in 19.19 seconds which became records. Usain Bolt Biography

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